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This book is for people who've never written a song, as well as songwriters looking for new inspiration. In "7 Easy Steps to Writing Your Song," you'll have a step by step guide to write your first song or write a song in a new way, breaking your old patterns and habits.

Also - how would you like to ask your favourite songwriters about their writing process and what inspires them? This is exactly what Signe has done and now you can learn from their years of experience creating songs that inspire people. Interviews with influential Canadian songwriters include - Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo), Greig Nori (Treble Charger), Oh Susanna, Jeremy Fisher, Kat Goldman, Luke Doucet (Whitehorse) and Craig Northey (Odds).

This book also includes a fascinating, in-depth examination of 33 popular chord progressions by Taylor Abrahamse.

"Occasionally one comes across a ‘How-to’ book that is impossible to put down and this book is one of them. I picked up this book at a songwriting workshop, started reading in the subway on my way home and did not put it down until I finished it about two hours later. Not a long read, it’s about 130 pages. What I enjoyed about the book is the author’s style of writing; it is poignant, to the point and easy to understand. She has a good flow of words and ideas woven in her writing. 

 The songwriting process is also brilliantly supported by insights into the songwriting experiences of other artists, including Jim Cuddy, Kat Goldman and Jeremy Fisher. It’s sort of a “Day in the Life of…”  There is also a useful chapter by Taylor Abrahamse on common chord progressions for guitarists and pianists. If you’re ever thinking of sparking your creative process and writing a song, even if you have never written a song, I recommend that you get this book. You may just surprise yourself."

 - Thiru, Toronto, Canada

Purchase a digital copy here. ($9.95 CAD + shipping)



By Signe Miranda

Purchase a copy here. ($19.95 CAD + shipping)

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